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Rashid Law Firm and
Legal Consultations

A team of highly experienced lawyers, ready to provide legal services to all our clients around the clock

Arbitrations and Executions

Arbitration is one of the most effective alternative solutions to settle disputes arising between the parties without referring to court.

Banking & Financial Disputes

The sudden surge in banking and financial activities over the past few years has resulted in a scientific and a practical change.

Commercial Cases & Disputes

Legal services in the commercial field are considered our flag ship.

Compensation Cases

The insurance industry seems rife with the maximum number of issues

Contracting Disputes

United Arab Emirates is an attractive destination for all leading countries

Corporate Cases

Corporate litigation is essential to prevent disputes that companies often face these days. If you are a foreign investor looking to establish a company in the country, our lawyers and consultants who specialize in these types of cases can help you with all internal, external, local or international corporate issues.

Legal Translation

Professional legal translation services for legal documents, certificates, contracts, and more.

Managerial - Governmental Disputes

Taking a stand against regulators is a brave act, and it takes lots and lots of preparation.

Maritime Cases and Disputes

Maritime activities grow in United Arab Emirates Day after Day

Personal Status Cases

Personal Status Law, Personal Issues, complexities thereof and Pertinent Disputes

Real Estates and Rental Cases Disputes

Progress continues in the UAE construction sector

Professional Consultant Team

A distinguished group of legal consultants and attorneys with experience in various fields of legal work.

High Precision

We dedicate all these experiences and skills to achieve the best Defense of our client' rights at the highest professional level and efficiency.

High Legal Knowledge

Extensive experience in legal work, which exceeds twenty-five years in different laws and legislations in all branches of law in force within the United Arab Emirates.

We work from Sunday to Thursday 08:00 - 17:00

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