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Through a distinguished group of legal consultants and experienced attorneys in various fields of legal work, we examine all documents and provide legal consultations to protect clients' legal status in order to ensure and guarantee and maintain their legal rights and reduce the risk margin as much as possible. Based on extensive experience in major legal fields extending twenty-five years in various laws/legislations in force in United Arabic Emirates, and according to their updates and amendments, with full knowledge of the systems of the Courts handling judicial disputes of all types, categories and specializations.

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Civil Status Law and family Court

Families are subjected to simple or complicated problems that present a challenge in need of resolution. Thus, when faced with such issues, all family members are affected especially those in the same domicile, in form of a psychological trauma or be subjected to physical aggression.

Cases and disputes related to companies

Cases related to companies are essential to alienate disputes which companies face nowadays. Thus, allowing our competent attorneys and consultants to assist in all companies issues locally and internationally, in the event that you are seeking to establish your business in the county.

Compensation issues for insurance and re- insurance issues

The Insurance field handles major issues in the country or any other part of the World, Thus, dealing constantly with numerous claims and disputes in Insurance and Re-insurance. Contact us to get the assistance of attorneys and consultants specialized in insurance matters to advise regarding settlements of all cases and claims and disputes within the insurance coverage utilizing possible strategies in litigating the cases.

Real estate and rental disputes

Construction sector in UAE is still developing continuously, to enhance the Real estate sector for years. The same is considered one of the most profitable sectors in terms of commercial works nowadays.

Commercial cases and disputes

Legal services in commercial field are considered one of the most important services that our office provides. We represent companies and individuals in any stage of incorporation of the company, providing the best legal options for them in all activities.

Maritime cases and disputes

The maritime activities in United Arabic Emirates are growing day by day, possibly, some disputes are arising, the best way to solve those disputes is getting a help from mediator or similar establishment instead of referring them to the Court.

Labour cases and disputes

UAE hosts all leading countries in term of providing chances and appointing employees. Thus, lots of labour disputes issues. To deal with those disputes, thus command of labour law and experience in the rights and obligations related to appoint or dismissal of employees is required.

Criminal and punitive cases

Criminal Defense: are you looking for an attorney to represent you before the criminal court? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We understand that the criminal act is not a matter of choice. It could be the consequences of some unfortunate coincidences.

Cases and disputes related to construction industry

There are no specialized courts in UAE to settle disputes related to construction works, it takes a long time to handle the procedures, which is a waste of time. All cases related to constructions are considered before the civil court resulting in prolonged litigation periods and other complications.

Administrative and governmental Cases and disputes

Adopting legal stands against regulatory authorities is a bold act. It takes much more preparation, but once you make a mistake, you lose the battle. No worries, we will support you win the war. We defend those seeking to secure their rights even if the matter is related to government and UAE administrative authorities.

Financial and banking cases and disputes

The sudden surge in banking and financial activities over the past few years brought a scientific and practical change. That effected the UAE it being a commercial hub. Companies are seeking the best financial services to ensure better growth and efficiency.

Arbitration and enforcement

Arbitration is one of the most effective solutions to settle disputes without referring to Court. It provides a great deal of convenience and flexibility which leads to an increased demand for hiring a specialized attorney in arbitration cases in UAE.

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