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Bankruptcy is a process that provides protection for individuals who are no longer able to repay their debts when due. Bankruptcy can be declared voluntarily by an individual, through a petition, or by court order initiated by a creditor. A trustee is appointed for the bankrupt individual who manages their assets and liquidates them for equal distribution among unsecured creditors (creditors who do not hold collateral for the debts).

The impact of bankruptcy is that unsecured creditors are generally unable to initiate or continue debt recovery proceedings, although the rights of secured creditors remain unaffected.

If you are indebted, we can assist you in voluntarily entering bankruptcy to discharge all debts, or to challenge a bankruptcy notice issued by one of your creditors.

Since bankruptcy is a daunting and worrying matter for you, let our office help you minimize the permanent damage to your health and finances when you declare bankruptcy. We conduct thorough reviews of our clients' files and apply the provisions of bankruptcy law and its legal principles to ensure the best results and benefits, preserving their business continuity and normal life. We have a team of experienced professionals who assist trustees, creditors, and debtors in providing legal advice and representation on all aspects of personal bankruptcy.

We will advise trustees regarding their legal obligations and available legal recovery procedures, including unfair preferences, other voidable transactions, and potential reasons for taking action.

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