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Maritime activities grow in United Arab Emirates Day after Day.

And it may generate disputes.

The best way to solve such disputes is to obtain assistance from a mediator or similar institution instead of taking the case to the court.

People are searching now for an alternative option: less time consuming that can resolve issues faster.

And if you are searching for the best lawyer who can help you in these matters, you have just arrived at the right place.

Rashid Law firm and legal consultation office used to help its clients and agents through providing alternative methods to settle maritime disputes- Just call us!

How can help you?

The regional Disputes don’t concord with any logic. Although clearly demarcated, they may occur at any time. This needs an efficient legal team to deal with and resolve issues.

Delegate us and obtain a settlement of maritime disputes, either amicably or by various legal means, by recourse to the judiciary or through arbitration, if it has any scope.

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