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Legal services in the commercial field are considered our flag ship.

As we represent companies and individuals in all steps of establishing companies, providing the best legal options for them in all of their activities. We also can support our clients in intellectual property disputes that may include trademark claims, copyright disputes, illegal imports and many other issues.

The commercial law regulates and finalizes disputes of individuals, companies, commercial and governmental institutions. As a leading legal office in UAE in general and a highly qualified law firm based in Dubai in particular, our mission is to follow up all relevant details of civil, commercial matters, in addition to lease and contractual disputes arising between individuals and companies in fields like trade, property, intellectual property and maritime rights and the like.

Our civil legal services include revision of agreements wording and negotiation about the complicated commercial arrangements and representation of customers before all judicial directorates for contractual disputes of leasing, mortgage and arbitration cases commitment and personal rights in contracts and insurance claims such as car insurance, fire, life insurance, industrial insurance, intellectual property rights and disputes pertinent to companies, real estate, insolvency, liquidation, partner withdrawal, bankruptcy, debt recovery, filing lawsuits and litigation before all courts and departments in United Arab Emirates to secure rights from commercial relationships between institutions and companies and individuals representation and contracts made to secure investors rights and protect them.

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