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Commercial lawsuits arise between companies that are engaged in business transactions, which are governed by commercial law, whether they occur once or repeatedly on an ongoing basis. Most commercial lawsuits arise from commercial claims regarding financial dues between companies, which often result in the appointment of a financial or accountant expert by the court to examine and review the financial and accounting records of the parties, assess the value and claim of each party, determine the paid amounts, and the outstanding balance owed to any party involved. There are also numerous commercial lawsuits related to the business rights and practices between companies, which often involve disputes between the parties. Commercial lawsuits are characterized by a degree of flexibility in providing evidence compared to Civil Cases, given the nature of commercial activities and the flexibility required, as well as customary practices in professions, business practices, and precedents related to the transactions between the plaintiff companies, which play a role in determining various practices, exceptions, and violations of contract terms and obligations.

Many individual transactions are subject to commercial courts due to the nature of the business in dispute, which the law determines that it should be governed by commercial law, even if carried out by individuals or on a one-time basis. These transactions include, but are not limited to, company formation, purchase of goods and tangible and intangible assets in purpose to sell them for profit, and also if the purpose was to lease them.

Our office represents our clients in commercial lawsuits and claims filed by or against them. The office provides legal advice, drafts notices and pleadings, prepares defenses and responses, and appears before all courts at various levels through its specialized litigation team before local and federal courts in the United Arab Emirates.

Our office advises companies in commercial transactions to seek legal advice before initiating litigation proceedings regarding transaction methods, service performance, evidence and invoices collection mechanisms, and the practices that companies should follow to ensure the presence of specific mechanisms for evidence that guarantee the clarity of proof before the court and facilitate winning legal disputes before the courts due to the commitment to fulfill the legal requirements that enhance the client's position before the judiciary.

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