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Our office includes a distinguished group of Legal Consultants and lawyers in various fields of legal work, as they review all documents, provide legal advice and give the necessary instructions to protect our clients’ legal position in a way that guarantees and preserves their legal rights, and reduces the risk margin to the lowest possible level. This is based on our extensive experience in the legal field for more than 25 years within the various laws and legislations applicable in the United Arab Emirates according to the latest updates and amendments with full knowledge of the court systems that deal with legal disputes of all degrees and specializations.

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Commercial Cases & Disputes

Legal services in the commercial field are considered our flag ship.

Financial and Banking Disputes

The sudden surge in banking and financial activities over the past few years has resulted in a scientific and a practical change.

Corporate Cases

Corporate litigation is essential to prevent disputes that companies often face these days. If you are a foreign investor looking to establish a company in the country, our lawyers and consultants who specialize in these types of cases can help you with all internal, external, local or international corporate issues.

Cases and Disputes related to Contracting Works

There are no courts in the United Arab Emirates specializing in settling disputes related to construction

Labor Cases and Disputes

in terms of opportunities provision and employee recruitment; consequently, disputes relating to employees often arise

Arbitration Cases

Arbitration is one of the most effective alternative solutions to settle disputes arising between the parties without referring to court.

Enforcement Cases

Since the enforcement of judgments is the ultimate goal of litigation, whereby the court's ruling is translated into tangible reality

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Cases

Bankruptcy is a process that provides protection for individuals who are no longer able to repay their debts when due

Personal affairs Cases

Personal Status Law, Personal Issues, complexities thereof and Pertinent Disputes

Criminal and Penal Cases

Are you looking for a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in misdemeanor and felony courts

Administrative Cases - Governmental Disputes

Taking a stand against regulators is a brave act, and it takes lots and lots of preparation.

Maritime Cases and Disputes

Maritime activities grow in United Arab Emirates Day after Day

Real Estates and Rental Disputes

Progress continues in the UAE construction sector

Compensation Cases

The insurance industry seems rife with the maximum number of issues

Dept Collection

We save time and effort on behalf of companies in collecting debts through legal settlement methods and judicial enforcement

Legal Translation

Professional legal translation services for legal documents, certificates, contracts, and more.

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