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Every family may face a number of minor or complex problems, which represents challenges for them to face and solve these problems. When a family encounters a problem, all its members will be affected, especially those living in the same house. Its effect on psychological status of family members and may result into physical damage. In view of the pressures, we endure at the present time, there is an urgent need to live within a healthy and close-net family, as family is the most important factor in human life, and any damage to family relations is a very sensitive issue that requires reasonable and careful intervention on the part of a lawyer to find reasonable solutions. We assist you via the right lawyers who have many years of combined experience in resolving various types of family cases. Such cases are handled astutely without hurting feelings and ensuring that present and future lives should not be negatively affected. We have long experience advising international families with connections to a number of different countries.

We, at Rashid Law Firm and Legal Consultations, are always determined to help our clients and customers assist in resolving of unfortunate family disputes. These conflicts often occur when family members begin to clash over interests, ideas, and opinions. Later, the conflict may turn into disagreements, which make the whole situation worse. Under these circumstances, it is crucial to have an experienced personal status lawyer to support you through this stage and help you avoid making any wrong decisions in a state of anger

The most common issues that our attorneys and consultants have observed that these disputes may arise from are the following:

Divorce or Separation (Khula')

There are many reasons behind a couple’s decision to separate or divorce and it can happen at any time. Usually, it starts with a disagreement over things like financial support, one spouse cheating on the other, physical or emotional abuse…etc. which later turns into bigger problems.

Legacy and Inheritance Cases:

When people pass away, many quarrels and problems occur among the heirs when dividing the inherited estate. In our office, we try hard to reach the best amicable solutions to avoid severing ties of kinship among the heirs, and our last resort is to seek arbitration from the judiciary to settle the dispute between the heirs.

Child Custody:

Another common topic is getting child custody rights. We are aware of all the custody laws applicable in the UAE and can assist you in getting the best court ruling for your child.


Alimony is also one of the reasons for dispute. In case of divorce, alimony payment is due being essentially a sort of support for the wife. There may be many other problems beyond those mentioned above. In the event of a family dispute, the best to do is to seek reliable legal support to resolve the issue. Contact us to represent you, and protect you and your loved ones from any material or emotional distress.

Corporate Cases and Disputes

Corporate litigation is essential to avoid disputes that companies often face these days. If you are a foreign investor looking to establish a company in the country, our lawyers and consultants who specialize in these types of cases can help you with all internal, local or international corporate cases abroad.

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