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Personal affairs Law and Family Issues and Disputes

Every family faces a number of simple or complex problems that pose a challenge for them to confront and resolve. When any family encounters a problem, all its members will be affected, especially those living in the same household. The impact can be on individuals' mental health or lead to physical problems, during the pressures we currently face, there is an urgent need to live within a healthy and cohesive family. The family is the most important factor in a person's life, and any harm to the family relationships is an extremely sensitive matter that requires reasonable and precise intervention by a lawyer to find reasonable solutions. We provide you with the appropriate lawyers who have many years of experience in solving various types of family issues. Such cases are handled intelligently without hurting their feelings and ensuring that their present and future lives are not adversely affected. We have extensive experience in providing advice to international families with connections to various countries.

In our office, we are always determined to help our clients and customers to resolve unfortunate family disputes. These disputes often arise when family members begin to clash over interests, ideas, and opinions. This conflict may escalate into subsequent disagreements, making the overall situation worse. Under these circumstances, it is important to have a specialized lawyer in Personal Affairs Cases to support you during this stage and help you avoid making any wrong decisions in a state of anger.

The most common matters observed by our lawyers and advisors, which may give rise to these disputes, include:

Divorce or Separation (khulʿ):

There are many reasons behind a couple's decision to separate or divorce, and it can happen at any time. Usually, it starts with disputes over matters such as financial support, one spouse deceiving the other, physical or emotional abuse, and so on, which later escalates into bigger problems.

Inheritance Cases:

Often, when people pass away, there are many disputes and clashes arise among the heirs when dividing the inherited estate. In our office, we strive diligently to reach the best amicable solutions to resolve the rifts between the heirs. Our last resort is resorting to the judiciary to settle any disputes that arise among the heirs.

Child Custody:

Another common issue revolves around obtaining child custody rights. We are familiar with all the applicable custody laws in the United Arab Emirates, and we can assist you in obtaining the best legal ruling for your child.


Alimony is one of the rights that arise from divorce or separation. Expenses for the wife and children may be determined after the divorce. In case of any family disputes regarding these expenses, the best course of action is to seek appropriate and optimal legal support to resolve the matter. Contact us to have our services and protect yourself and your beloved ones from any financial or emotional harm

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