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Taking a stance against regulatory bodies is a courageous act and requires a lot of preparation.

With just one mistake, you can lose the case! But there's no need to worry because we will support you in salvaging the situation. We defend those who defend their rights, even if the matter concerns the UAE government and administrative authorities. We also provide our services to all those facing administrative disputes and government conflicts who have not been able to obtain the necessary legal support, facilitate the procedures taken, and improve their effectiveness in terms of time. Contact us to represent you.

Here is how we handle the situation when you come to us to fulfill the requirements of administrative disputes:

Our legal advisors will carefully listen to you and try to visualize the entire scenario. They will then be able to understand the situation and determine the next step to be taken.

We appoint an experienced administrative lawyer after discussing your issues to review the matter and understand the legal aspects and risks involved.

We conduct legal, political, and social research in all relevant areas to help us to achieve the best results. Diligence, patience, and perseverance in defending individual rights without impacting the relationship with other parties and authorities pose the most challenging part for us. But there's no need to worry, as we are a team of skilled and experienced lawyers who know how to handle such matters with the utmost diplomacy degree while adhering to legal and ethical aspects. We also save you from unjustified customs fees and final losses. Contacting us to meet all these requirements is not limited to achieve best results; but we acknowledge the fact that you have many other tasks to accomplish, and time is usually running short. Our procedures are extremely time-efficient, where our clients bear low costs for our services ultimately. We are ready to provide our clients with the best legal support.

It is also worth noting that real estate is associated with many types of contracts that are legally determined, including, for example, the right of mortgage, lease, sublease, sell and buy, Musataha (land development lease), utilizing and others.

As this sector involves many complex issues that may require legal assistance and consultation, our office, with his specialized legal team in real estate matters, is pleased to offer its legal advisory services to all stakeholders, whether owners, investors, real estate developers, tenants, or beneficiaries.

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