Insursnce & Reinsurance Claims & Disputes The insurance industry seems rife with the maximum number of issues.

Why Us?

We, at Rashid Law Firm and Legal Consultations, have a team of insurance lawyers with great experience working with us and dealing with insurance-related issues. You can also contact us for our reinsurance services, where they can handle all reinsurance related disputes. We just want to keep our customers satisfied with the services by providing our best solutions. We listen to them carefully to understand the problems they face and plan accordingly.

We support the parties in all various matters related to insurance, including insurance coverage disputes, property insurance claims, insurance companies’ financial solvency, liability-related matters, contract breaches, fraud, and much more.

We can plead claims for contractual damages and other damages arising from insurance policies’ breach in accordance with the UAE Insurance Authority directives and Civil Law.

Our lawyers, specialized in insurance and reinsurance cases, have extensive experience in various fields, including the construction sector, commerce, banking, real estate and much more. Their diverse experiences enable them to understand the current or potential complexities that may arise in the future in relation to insurance disputes.

We Offer Our Services at Reasonable Prices?

We strive to implement cost effective procedures as much as possible in order to keep our clients and customers satisfied and to attract new clients.

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