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The sudden surge in banking and financial activities over the past few years has resulted in a scientific and a practical change.

UAE was also affected by it, being a commercial hub. Companies are making use of the best financial services that ensure greater growth and efficiency. However, one cannot and should not ignore the relevant legal risks involved. Both, banks and companies may have to continuously tackle such matters, accordingly it is important to have a legal team supporting you and keeping you away from all the legal troubles in this regard.

Accordingly, we, at Law firm
advocates & legal consultants

can assist our clients in the following cases:

  • Liability of the lenders
  • Cases related to the designations of guarantors
  • Mortgage disputes
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Fraudulent activities

Our team is a group of experts in banking and financial services, and attorneys with great knowledge and experience in working with investment firms. Our claims specialists can help you with cases relating to the capital markets. These common disputes include the breach of contract, issuing securities, investment cases, etc.

We can also help you with disputes associated with Islamic finance as well as all other banking and financial disputes. Our lawyers and consultants are experienced in dealing with cases related to Islamic Sharia law and its application. We are fully prepared to handle major investigations and responsible for defending you before the court. We already have represented many leading banks and financial institutions in various types of financial disputes due to our wide and extensive experience.

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