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About Us

We are here to help you with our experience and legal knowledge in various branches of law and legislation applicable in the United Arab Emirates.

Our office includes a distinguished group of lawyers and legal consultants in various fields of legal work; as they review all documents, provide legal advice and give the necessary instructions to protect our clients’ legal position in a way that guarantees and preserves their legal rights, and reduces the risk margin to the lowest possible level. This is based on our extensive experience in the legal field for more than 25 years within the various laws and legislations applicable in the United Arab Emirates according to the latest updates and amendments with full knowledge of the court systems that deal with legal disputes of all degrees and specializations.

Our legal team also provides support to our clients around the clock in all matters related to legal and judicial work and in all types of lawsuits related to the application of civil, criminal, commercial, labor laws, family and personal status, real estate or commercial arbitration and compensation lawsuits .

Our team has negotiation and finding amicable solutions skills to end disputes before resorting to the judiciary. We also have specialized expertise in dealing with police stations and departments, prosecution, prison sector, governmental and administrative bodies in relation to the registration of companies and trademarks and others. We have dedicated all this expertise and skills to achieve the highest level of protection for the rights of our clients with the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and speed of performance.

Professional Consultant Team

A distinguished group of legal consultants and attorneys with experience in various fields of legal work.

High Precision

We dedicate all these experiences and skills to achieve the best Defense of our client' rights at the highest professional level and efficiency.

High Legal Knowledge

Extensive experience in legal work, which exceeds twenty-five years in different laws and legislations in all branches of law in force within the United Arab Emirates.

Our Expert Team

Adv. Rashed Ahmed Alsereidi

Lawyer & Senior Legal Consultant

"Consolidating the principle of justice and distinguished contribution to its successful implementation.
It makes us reach our main goal of recovring the rights of our clients in the shortest possible time. In addition, we fully adhere to the following basic values: honor, integrity, justice, objectivity, honesty and transparency.
Consolidating the principle of justice and distinguished contribution to its successful implementation."

Adv. Hussein Elsayed

General Manager & Senior Legal Consultant

"Enabling the client to understand his case and study it with him in detail and the correct legal methods to solve his problem are among the most important policies that we work with in our office."

Mr. Javed Shareef

Head of Department

"The correct choice of who represents you to recover your rights is one of the most important reasons for protecting rights, so do not hesitate to choose a reliable office to help you with that."

Ms. Aliaa Abdul Aziz

Senior Legal Consultant

Mr. Ahmed Mowafy

Senior Legal Consultant

Mr. Mohamed Lezawy

Senior Legal Consultant

Ms. Zareen Khan

H.O.D Assistant

Ms. Jenel Magana

Collection & Marketing Dept.

Mr. Ali Mohamed

Collection & Marketing Dept.

Mr. Gamal Abdelnaser

Collection & Marketing Dept.

Mr. Ahmed Younis

Collection & Marketing Dept.

Our working time is Sunday to Thursday 8:00 Am - 5:00 Pm

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