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Corporate litigation is essential to prevent disputes that companies often face these days. If you are a foreign investor looking to establish a company in the country, our lawyers and consultants who specialize in these types of cases can help you with all internal, external, local or international corporate issues.

Why Us?

At Rashid Law Firm and Legal Consultations, WE protect the interests of our clients in many contentious disputes that may arise within the company. We have dealt with all of this with great care and efficiency, from small local cases to complex international matters. Just let our office represent you and save you from wasted effort,, lost time that you can utilize in your business activities, these reasons, grant us priority.

Solving recurrent problems

Breach of contract is one of the most faced issues along with many other issues that include shareholder disputes, agreement disputes, post-merger disputes, and much more. We have defended our clients in many of these cases, and were able to sustain favorable solutions.

Practical Solutions

We understand that all projects have different needs, and therefore the issues arising from them will also different. Our services are not limited to following the traditional methods mentioned in law books. From resolving shareholder issues, to assisting directors with management and liability issues, we have done it all through understanding the requirements and adopting the practical solutions.

Skill and Experience

Companies these days need lawyers who have sufficient experience in their industry. This is another reason to convince you that we should be your favorite choice to represent you. Our highly experienced legal advisors have all the essential skills to handle such disputes, and are aware of the intricacies within business ventures, they will discuss your issues and help you get the best legal solutions.

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