Labour Cases & Litigations

United Arab Emirates is an attractive destination for all leading countries

As pertinent to great business opportunities and employee recruitment, however frequent litigations aroused in this regard. Awareness of labour law, rights and obligations relevant to employee recruitment and dismissal as well as masterful expertise of applicable legal proceeding are highly demanded.

No single lawyer can fulfill all those requirements, however our office exceptionally can. Our dedicated attorneys and consultants are keen on proper phrasing of your documents and sound legal consultations.

Among other litigations and claims, labour claims stand out as strongly important litigations due to their negative effects impacting person performance unless righteously processed. Work flow may be interrupted and ill-reputation chases you among employees and clients. Nevertheless, there is no place for worry when you assign the right attorney, or a highly skillful staff assists you and tend to eliminate troubles such as agreements breach and employee dismissal, surviving clauses and end-of-service dues…etc.

Penalty & Criminal Cases

Are you still searching for your criminal defense lawyer to plead before misdemeanors and felony courts?

You are now in the right place. A criminal act is not always a choice, sometimes it is a mere bad coincidence. Your attorney is here for you. He is dedicated to support your case. Our insightful team prepares legal arguments, collect relevant data and evidences to ensure a reduced sentence or to be proven unguilty.

Unlike other accusations, criminal cases significantly impact one’s liberty. Such sort of cases is solely approached by proficient adept lawyers to perform before competent courts and contrapuntal authorities’ enforcement of judgments issued by foreign courts.

Rashed Advocate& Legal Consultations is your honest legal partner. Our diligent team has long expertise in various claims particularly criminal cases. We comprehend the miserable status our executant endures and we strive to end it forthwith. A trusted attorney is your right choice to get out of the dilemma caused by such claims. Rest assured while he defenses your life, future and reputation. Notwithstanding the claim may be strenuous, our team is devoted to plead in your favour for commutation of sentence or end of litigation.

Dealing with a criminal case is not only limited to attending court sessions; Criminal lawyers have to deal with much more than that. Our lawyers are well-experienced in handling matters outside courtrooms involving prosecutors, police and other agencies. To achieve the best possible results, we do everything from gathering evidence to bringing our clients to court hearings. We understand the importance of effective legal support in these cases and strive to get you out of it as quickly as possible.

Dealing with and overcoming criminal charges is no small feat. This may affect the individual's work, or impede it altogether. Hence, you have to get a reliable criminal defense attorney to take care of the details of your case and protect you from bad consequences. You can trust us as the best criminal defense attorney in the country and we will use all possible legal measures to avoid or mitigate the penalty charges. We seek the assistance of the forensic experts themselves for the purpose of challenging the forensic evidence against our clients, with all possible endeavors to protect their personal and professional lives.

Cases and Litigations upon Contracting Projects

UAE has no competent courts to settle construction work litigations

Prolonged procedures and long time are the main obstacles in such type of cases. Civil courts adopt a highly lengthened procedure in this regard. Our legal team is your companion during this tedious road. When a case is filed, they skillfully exert all possible efforts to prove the executant’s right in claims such as:

  • Extended time periods
  • Indemnities
  • Responsibility delegation
  • Time extensions
  • Notice delivery
  • Change motions
  • In-direct costs
  • performance guarantee, and more.

The most effective solutions for all the abovementioned litigations are provided through our office. Our legal experts are strongly aware of all laws applicable on "contracting agreement" within UAE. This is the common term used in construction agreements in Emirati Civil Law. An enduring enhancement of service and update of all decisions are key words for our operational excellence.

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