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Contracting Disputes and Cases

There are no courts in the United Arab Emirates specializing in settling disputes related to construction

which results in extremely prolonged measures and a waste of time. All cases related to construction projects are dealt with by civil courts which bring lengthy trials and many other complexities. Here our services specialize. Trust our Office to deal with your construction-related disputes, and allow our legal team to file a case or take the best course of action for your case. Our wide expertise enables us to handle construction project cases including the following:

  • Prolonged periods
  • Compensation awards
  • Distribution of responsibilities
  • Extensions of time
  • Submission of notices
  • Requests of change
  • Non-affecting Costs
  • Performance guarantee disputes, and others

Our Office provides you with the most efficient legal solutions to all the abovementioned problems and other relevant cases. Our team includes experts with deep knowledge of legal practices in the United Arab Emirates; they are well-versed in all laws applicable to construction contracts. We continue to improve our services by staying up-to-date with the latest developments and dedicating our efforts to our clients. Our attorneys will take on monitoring the case closely, identifying the issues, and offering the best possible solutions.

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