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Progress continues in the UAE construction sector

And enhancing the real estate sector over the years to come. The real estate sector itself enters the most profitable phase in terms of business now, yet it brings with it advantages and disadvantages like everything else in this world. And you may suddenly be confronted by real estate disputes. They may arise at any time and need legal assistance to deal with them. Thanks to our legal consultancy services available to all landlords or real estate developers for commercial or personal purposes!

Contact us to delegate us to assist in your business and rid of all the problems you may encounter.

Why us?

Getting a trusted real estate lawyer is not an easy task. You need to look for a skilled and experienced one in this field.

We, at Rashid Law Firm and Legal Consultation have lawyers and consultants who are experienced and address the requirements of real estate disputes of various kinds. They will discuss your problem in detail and take the necessary steps based on it. Here's why you choose our service:

We understand both federal and UAE local real estate laws and this helps us litigate real estate disputes to achieve the best results.

Your contacting us will save time and you can focus more on the main activities of your business.

We are aware of situations where civil law or real estate laws and public policy together may constitute a state of ambiguity and confusion and we know how to deal with them.

We have dealt with many matters, including disputes related to acquisition, enforcement procedures, irregularities, transactions, bankruptcy, etc., by proxy from developers, sellers, buyers, lenders, financial institutions, investors and others.

You can contact us anytime to get a legal consultancy or any other help in particular to this matter.

By delegating us you will save money and time for that. We prefer efficacy over profit and we work hard to keep our clients satisfied with our services.

We provide our services within reasonable prices

We strive to deliver effective procedures within reasonable cost as much as possible in order to keep our clients and agents satisfaction and attract new clients.

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