Labour Cases

Labour Cases​ in dubai

Following labor and employment law is one of the biggest challenges for business enterprises of all types and sizes in virtually all industries. In an economy like the Emirates, where economic activities and transactions occur at a much higher rate than most other parts of the world, organizations are making bad employee related decisions, leading to legal problems when disgruntled former employees take matters to the court of law.

As a professional firm with an experienced team of labor and employment lawyers in UAE, we take pride in helping employees get their due compensation and rights according to the country’s sophisticated labor law. Similarly, we are always ready to assist organizations that are being falsely accused of breaching employment contracts or other related problems.

Our team of seasoned labor attorneys in Dubai provides clients with legal advice grounded in the intricate details of the country’s employment law and precedents set in previous judgments. With a truly diverse workforce from all over the world arriving in the country to seek employment opportunities, UAE has become a place where employment-related legal conflicts exist at a high rate.

With our expertise in the field and years of experience helping clients find justice and resolution to employment-related legal issues, our commitment to serving our clients is only increasing day by day. Most commonly, our labor and employment lawyers in the UAE help clients find a legal resolution to the following problems:

Equity and human rights issues
Arbitrary dismissals and wrongful termination lawsuits
Employment policies compliance
Employment NDA and Non – Compete Agreement
Employment contract writing
Overdue compensation and benefits
Labor Case
And many more
As legal professionals, we are strong advocates of delivering services with the highest quality, which includes maintaining complete confidentiality and using industry best practices. Our labor law attorneys in Dubai are trained to deliver the same and more. We ensure your cases are built soundly with thorough research, reliable arguments, and the best possible preparation.

We hold your interest very dear and do what it takes within the boundaries of the law to help you find a lasting resolution to your problems related to UAE’s employment and labor law.

At the law offices of Aysha Hassan Advocates and Legal Consultants, we are proud to make our clients feel at home with our firm’s focus on delivering more than great legal services. When you work with us, you see that we truly listen to you and offer legal advice and solutions that specifically address your problems. It is our commitment to delivering high-quality tailored services that many of our clients call us the best employment law firm in UAE.

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