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We offer the following fee schemes which are designed to effectively serve clients under various circumstances. We promise to deliver superior services compared to our competitors. We offer the following plans:

Retainer Service – The most cost-effective method for your business and/or personal needs. Our fees remain constant throughout the retainer period, for example throughout six months or a year. We advise and represent you in legal disputes, and negotiate agreements on your behalf. We also review and draft your agreements and legal documents.

Hourly Fee – Depends upon the complexity and merits of the case.

Fixed Fee – For a specific action.

If you have a valid residence visa in the UAE, you can file the divorce case under the UAE law or you can choose the law in your native country.

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Yes, the work ban can be lifted, provided that you will receive NOC (no objection certificate) from the company that canceled your labor card. Ministry of Labor will impose the ban when the employee leaves the sponsoring employer before the expiry of the labor card provided that the employer’s NOC is not accompanied by the cancellation/transfer request.

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It would take one week, from the date on which the decision is made, to execute the decision taken in a labour case.

She has to go to the division of personal status services, with her legal guardian the POA.
She shall have her passport (or ID nationals), or a marriage agency endorsed by her legal guardian if he is outside the UAE.

The law applicable to divorces concluded in Dubai, is the UAE federal law, regardless of whether or not the couple or either party is citizens or noncitizens of the UAE. It is possible for a non-citizen who is also non-Muslim to ask the law of his domicile or the law of the state where the marriage was concluded to be applied.

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For a POA to be canceled, the following documents are required:

A copy of the POA, if any.

ID for nationals

Notary public of the Department of Economic Development

The principal shall sign an acknowledgment to notify the agent.

Notary public of Tawar office: The agent shall be notified through a minute.

If the notary public has to visit patients in hospitals and disabled people in their houses after the medical report is provided and the women serving her waiting period, AED 100 shall be paid.

In other cases, the same fee applies to Sheikhs in Dubai, ministers, directors of governmental in Dubai, and the renowned public figures.

The jurisdiction is limited in the Emirate of Dubai.

Yes, a non-work acknowledgment may be endorsed for those who have no ID, provided that the authority requiring such an acknowledgment be specified.

The NOC is issued by the Department of Personal Status. However, if the mother is non-national, the NOC shall be issued by the Notary Public.

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) was established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, in the year 2007 to monitor, develop, and promote maritime activities in Dubai.

Dubai Maritime City Authority has brought about a radical change in the local maritime sector through an extensive range of industry initiatives and regulations which support its ambitious approach to creating a safe investment environment for industry leaders from all over the world while reaffirming Dubai’s position as a first-class international maritime hub.

DMCA develops world-class regulations and guidelines to enhance Dubai’s position in the maritime industry and to oversee the development of specific maritime sectors such as maritime services, maritime management, vessel, and yacht registration, ownership and charter, maritime and educational research, vessel and yacht design and building, maritime shipment organization, maritime exhibition, conferences, training, and workshops; maritime tourism and maritime specialized arbitration.

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