E-Commerce & E-Contracts

E-Commerce & E-Contracts

E-commerce has significantly changed the legal world – requiring lawyers to be more entrepreneurial, more risk-oriented, and more innovative in the way we practice law. Our lawyers are tech-savvy, know the business, and have the tools to find solutions for any issues you may face.

We have advised internet-based clients on M&A routes to funding, consumer protection, data privacy platforms, and content delivery. In a growing online market, we advise on developments and online exchanges.

Our clients have the following services at their disposal:

Complex disputes

Data privacy

Regulatory and consumer protection

Platform/intermediary liability

Logistics and integration of services

Website terms and conditions


We’re fully immersed in the internet and e-commerce world, As a full-service firm, we have the unique ability to provide services for every part of a business cycle, from funding to expansion of real estate and property.