Debts Collection

Aysha Hassan law firm works in the Debt Collection Field According to The Professional standards, rules, regulations and under the umbrella of legitimacy that corresponds with the teachings of Islam.

Our office has the ability to achieve great success in debt recovery by using a lot of solutions which may differ according to the type of debt and debtor. We have the necessary skills required for negotiation and persuasion, and we know exactly when we shall increase our intensity gradually. We also know how to deal with the most famous and repeated excuses for not paying debts, and we keep all the accounts and information of our clients fully secured.

Collecting debts doesn’t only mean knowing all legal rules and regulations related to this, but it is necessary also to know well other various and numerous aspects. Those who work in this field have to stick to legitimacy, ethics, and professionalism together with special communication skills and great ability for analysis and planning.

Accordingly, we – in Aysha Hassan law firm – always seek to keep all of these standards in our minds in order to provide our clients – whether they are individuals, companies, or banks – with the most advanced debt collection service they ever want.

The debt collection team includes following scope of work:

  • Making calls to the defaulter party.
  • Sending emails regarding the due payment.
  • Fixing meetings for discussion, negotiations and settlement with the defaulting party.
  • Following up on the emails.
  • Negotiating the payment.
  • Reviewing the documents provided by the client.
  • Drafting of settlement agreement.
  • Drafting and sending legal notice (in-house).
  • Drafting of legal notice (Sending through Dubai Courts).