Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes

Aysha Hassan law firm represents many companies, business owners, and banks before courts and tribunals in disputes arising as a result of commercial transactions. The office represents those clients of his before all levels of courts and specialized expert committees. Aysha Hassan law firm cooperates with specialized experts to create consultancy and advocacy reports that deliver and ensure the best legal results. Our office represents many domestic and foreign companies in domestic, international, and Gulf region transactions for all disputes arising in the United Arab Emirates.

Commercial courts are competent to adjudicate commercial disputes, which arise between companies and individuals with reference to commercial transactions in accordance with the commercial code. Our office deals in all cases falling under commercial categories to protect the interests of clients, based on the experiences of long-standing litigation and arbitration in all disputes and with courtesy to an experienced legal team, possesses a wide range of knowledge in all legal aspects within the country.

Aysha Hassan’s team has years of experience in the field of commercial lawsuits, which are not limited to contractual obligations and contractual texts. According to the law, Trade usage is considered an integral part of rules that is commonly resourced to in commercial lawsuits, as is common in every profession, whether banking, construction, general trade, sea, and air freight-related business. The difficulties of presenting commercial and industrial common usage to the courts arise through the court request of the presence of specialized experts in the field of the dispute, witnesses, and consultants to be addressed by the client,  in order to introduce this mentioned common usage to the court, and here comes our part.

Aysha Hassan Office specializes in representing and pleading before the commercial courts at all levels, we ensure achieving the best results in light of our long term experience of our team in representing many clients in all commercial, banking, real estate, construction, contracting, general trade, sea, and air freight-related business, labor supply, commercial agencies, import and export cases, and transactions. Our Office has the reputation of delivering the best results in judicial disputes.