Civil Cases

civil cases

At Aysha Hassan Advocates and Legal Consultants we provide the best legal services in the field of civil law, its ramifications and its connection with the relevant laws and the organization of civil transactions between individuals and companies alike.

This specialization has been regulated by the Federal Civil Transactions Law of the United Arab Emirates No. (5) For the year 1985 AD and its areas include, for example, the following:

  1. Ownership contracts, such as sales and barter contracts, donations, companies, and loans.
  2. Usufruct contracts such as leasing and borrowing.
  3. Employment contracts, such as the contracting contract, the work contract, the agency contract, the deposit and custody contract.
  4. Damage contracts are like insurance contracts.
  5. Personal insurance contracts such as bail and transfer.
  6. Right of ownership, common ownership, and family ownership.
  7. Apartment ownership and owner’s association of classes and apartments.
  8. Will, debts of the estate, and Inheritance and liquidation of the estate.
  9. Mortgage and possession mortgage.

At Aysha Hassan Advocates and Legal Consultants, we have helped hundreds of clients in legal cases and obtain legal justice in various civil disputes through litigation and settlement. Our team includes the most qualified lawyers in Dubai, who have extensive experience in civil law, labor law and protecting your legal rights. Whatever your position or legal party – whether it is the employer, your insurance company, or the borrower, we can take legal action on your behalf in the courts to enforce your rights or even outside the court to negotiate a peaceful solution.

You want to get your rights by law? Contact us and we will take all necessary legal measures to preserve your rights.

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