Banks And Financial Disputes​

Issues related to banking and financing abundantly arise in fast paced markets like UAE due to the endless financial transactions and unceasing need for banking services. Banking institutions have developed into complex organizations, offering a very wide range of banking and financial services in a bid to get an edge over the competition.

This complexity in the sector has resulted in increasing numbers of banking and financing lawsuits and legal problems. If you have business interests in the country, you need reliable banking and finance legal services in UAE.

As a law firm known for its specialized banking and finance law advisory and representation services, our firm is capable of sorting out all common and uncommon legal matters pertaining to banking and finance. We offer comprehensive legal analysis of types of banking contracts and financial transactions along with advisory for the best legal course of action our clients can take in a given situation.


With years of experience serving the business community across the UAE, and nearby countries in the region, our banking and finance lawyers in Dubai have become trusted partners of businesses of all sizes and maturity.

Our integrated network of legal services for clients having trouble with a banking or finance related legal problem enables us to provide them with guidance and representation for all their problems under one roof.

While we offer a comprehensive range of banking and finance legal services in UAE, the most common banking and financial cases that our team deals  with are often related to:

Islamic finance, which is a huge part of UAE’s banking and financial services sector

Derivates and ISDA documentation

Asset financing and all associated legal services, such as leasing assistance, intellectual property litigation, etc.

Export & trade financing with support for a wide range of products available

Project financing advisory

Real estate financing guidance and representation

Banking litigation for sophisticated lawsuits