Aysha Hassan Al Belushi

The Founder

The legal profession is considered one of the most famous and vital professions in the world because it has a wide role in advancing the development process in various areas of life, and obtaining specialized legal information has become imperative to ensure the integrity of the legal position of the individual and the facility before conducting actions and contracts, not after the existence of conflicts Legal. The most important success factors in this area are the personality of the lawyer and the attributes he has that qualify him to achieve the required level of legal excellence in this matter. At Aysha Hassan Law Firm and Legal Consultations, we strive as best as possible to find ethical integrity and professional ability, to carry out, follow up and complete the mission with the outstanding success that reaches the satisfaction of dealing and achieving its desired results.

For the sake of all the above, lawyer Aysha Hassan Al Belushi was keen to establish her law firm and legal advice after reaching legal maturity through her academic studies and work experiences that were achieved according to the following detail:

  • Aysha Hassan graduated from the university stage from the Dubai Police Academy with a BA Rights.
  • Then she joined the government work field in the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs as a senior legal researcher.
  • She graduated from work until she reached a major legal advisor in the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, including her competence to prepare agreements and memoranda of understanding, expressing a legal opinion on all inquiries and comments received and addressing the legal implications of signing agreements with the relevant sectors.

Specialized areas: personal status cases, civil cases, commercial cases, public prosecution cases, investigations, preventive attachments, and criminal cases

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws from Dubai Police Academy, appellate attorney at Dubai Courts.

Experience: He served 23 years in the government as a senior legal advisor in the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs