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We are pleased to give you a brief idea about our law firm in Dubai and the various professional matters we handle, in addition to profiles of our legal team, their curriculum vitae, area of specialization, and skills, together with shedding light on our firm’s activities and participation. As we take this opportunity to display the outstanding achievements of the work team of Hussein Elsayed Murshedek Consultants Advocates, and Legal Consultants, we are glad to express our heartfelt pride and appreciation of this group for their hard work, perseverance, and diligence in bringing the firm to the level of international standards and norms. Keeping in mind the great strides, progress, and development made by the U.A.E society in all fields, we are happy to be among this prosperous process in order to attain our desired goal of bringing out the best results to our valued clients through the latest researches and expertise made in this ever-growing legal profession so, we kindly invite you to review this profile hoping it will attract your attention and satisfy your expectations.

Specialists in all aspects of litigation and providing a comprehensive range of legal services aiming to meet all clients’ needs and surpass their expectations.


Since the Civil Law regulates the daily lives of individuals and the transactions of …


Issues related to banking and financing abundantly arise in fast paced markets like …


Marriage, maintenance, and rights of spouses. Family Law covers procedures of separation


The criminal law of the United Arab Emirates is a federal law that is part of…


Car accidents can be terrifying experiences. Often, at least some of…


Drug charges are prosecuted heavily in United Arab Emirates…


We provide all kinds of legal services to corporate bodies…


Although they know the importance of well-written contracts, a lot of…

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Hussein Elsayed Law Firm in Dubai and Legal Consultations meets all your legal needs, as we put in your hands extensive experience in various specializations and fields of application and We provide all kinds of legal services to our clients, as we represent an integrated legal services organization in the UAE.

The office shall attend the clients in front of the courts, arbitration bodies, administrative authorities of judicial and administrative jurisdiction and the police departments, defend the clients in cases brought against them or against them, and carry out pleadings and related judicial procedures.

The office performs all procedures for challenging judgments such as opposition, appeal, cassation, reviewing all civil, criminal, legal, and administrative judgments, implementing judicial decisions and inquiring about cases. In summary, the office carries out all legal work in all branches of law.

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